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CPAP machine cleaning kit

Update: 2017-10-24

CPAP machine cleaning kit  products are devoloped by Rotchi recently. They are efficiency  to clean machine hoses, as well as the machine bodies.   We have strong stainless rod style ,and flexible cable style. Micro-fiber cleaning patches and wiping cloth are very good for your health, as it won't let fiber insder the hose and machine comparing with some other cloth patches.

As there are various hoses used in CPAP machine, we designed our kit seperatedly:

1, Strong stainless rods style CPAP-26 :

    The work length by 6 rods connected together is adequate for hoses within 2000mm/6.5 ft  

    Flexible nylon brush can suit for hose diameter from 13mm (/1/2")  to 30mm ( 1 1/8").

2, Circuit flexible cable style CPAP-28

    One flexible cable in 4000mm (13 ft) :  To put one end of the cable into hose,and comes out

    from another end of the hose, then connect two ends of the cable. You can clean the hose

   in circuit.

   Flexible brushes meet big of small diameter hoses.


3, Cable style for L shaped hose

   Some hoses with a L angle , straight rod is difficult to clean them all. So we develop the calbe kit.

   The main cleaning part---brush , can be fed into hose and be pulled out from anothe hose end.

Welcome you read our news. Hope our products can benefit you for business and life.



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