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Circle Gun Rope cleaner

Update: 2017-12-11

 Rotchi company invented our new product---------Circle gun rope cleaner  and patent is registered.

 What is the circle gun cleaning rope:

1,  Snake bore liked gun cleaning kit  with  circle connector.  After dropping the brass pendant with the string

    going through the bore, you can connect the brass pendant with the end by screwing. Then you can make 

   the gun rope cleaner in circle.

2, In old snake bore shaped gun cleaning rope, users need drop the brass pendant in the each time cleaing.

   The new invention makes the kit in circle, users drop the brass pendant into the boreat  first time only.  Then

    they can connect the head and the end by screw, this can assure you clean the bore many times continuously.

3, As our kit is designed  with the brush part and cleaning rope seperated, you can leave the cleaning rope inside

    the bore after cleaing. The cleaning rope left in the bore can prevent air and moisture from the inside furface of

    the bore, anti-rust; its another funtion is to remind users the firearm is well-cleaning and for safe-guard.


Welcome to learn from us for more detail about the new invention



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