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Magazine Speed Loader

 Magazine Speed Loader family inclue Loaders for Magazines and cartridges  5.56/.223 X 45mm (AR15, M4),  7.62 x 39mm (AK47)

  • Magazine speed loader - 6002Magazine speed loader 6002

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    AR15/M4 : .223/5.56mm x 45mm 

    AK47:  7.62mm x 39mm

    Quick load cartridges into magazines

     20 round per time loading

    Suits for 10/20/40/60 round magazines

    One tool can be used to load / unload cartridges from magazines.

    Strong plastic mataterial and aluminum bottom

    Please see our catalog for more informations


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  • Brass catcher - 6003Brass catcher 6003

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    5 fixer 1 catcher     



    Brass catcher ( cartridge shells catcher)

    Strong plastic mount fixers, heat resisting cloth catcher

    Standard: 5 mount fixers plus 1 catcher

    5 guns can share one catcher, save time, save money.

    ( you need not to move fixer from one gun to another)

    More mount fixers are available by request

    Max. Capacity: 1kg (2lbs)


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  • Spatter and dirty patch catcher - 6005Spatter and dirty patch catcher 6005

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    patch catcher     



    When you clean rifles or shotguns from chamber to

    muzzle with cleaning rod,the gun cleaning trash can

    help you hold the spatters and dirty patchers.


    Rubber tie around the barrel completely, protcts the barrel surface

    from scratching. 

    Color: light blue




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  • dummy cartridge - 6339dummy cartridge 6339

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    Solid aluminum body

    Spring inserted Primer

    Blue color 





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