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Technical Articles

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Gun cleaning kit product information for your reference:

  •     1  About Thread or nut information:

Union threads for gun cleaning kits are very important for users. If the parts in different threads, the users will meet trouble to connect them together. So before you order, you should make sure the threads are what you are using. The below are some information may help.

Rotchi's standard:
          177, .20cal ---------------------brushes in male 5-40-------end thread of the rod or flexible cable in female 5-40;
          22cal.---.55cal.-----------------brushes in male 8-32------- end thread of the rod or flexible cable in female 8-32
          12G, --410boR for shotgun--- -brushes in male 5/16-27----end thread of the rod or flexible cable in female 5/16-27

 (brushes above mean cleaning accessories, say brushes, mops, jags, patch holders, and so on which will screw on the rods or cable for gun cleaning)

 By request, we can also supply the below threads:
         Male/female 10-32
         Male/female  M3, M5
         Other size threads are negotiable

If customers have the brushes or other accessories can not match the rods or cable they have, do not worry, we can help you by adaptors. We now have the following adaptors to support you:
           Male 8-32 vs Female 5/16-27
           Male 5-40 vs Female 8-32
           Male 8-32 vs Female 10-32
           Male 8-32 vs M5
           Male M5 vs Female 8-32
           Male 5-40 vs female M3
           Male M3   vs female 5-40
           Male 8-32 vs Male 8-32
Cusotmer's other thread sizes are negotiable

  •     2 Gun  cleaning rods and handles

Choose a correct rod and handle will be  very useful for gun cleaning and gun care.
To care the bore well, the softer material rods are better than hard meteirals, especially,when there are steps between rod connections, or rods connected are not too straight.So, carbon fiber mateiral, brass material, flexible cable, gun rope cleaner are goodchoices.

To care the bore well, one-pc long rod, no cutting,  is better than connected rods. The whole rod in same diameter, no step is good rod. Otherwise, the step may hurt the bore  when you pull or push the rod inside the bore.
The carbon rods are good for bore care, but the connectors at the two ends must be glued tight enough. And the place near the handle should be reinformced by strong materials.Handle with bearing is better than handle without bearing although it's higher in cost.

The quick turning handle will help the brush and mop turn in the bore well, improve the cleaning efficiecy. The user will also feel more comfortable.



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