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Maintenance of guns.

Gun maintenance should be carried out within a period of time. Regular wipes and oil seals should be carried out to prevent corrosion and rust. It is best to do a small wipe a day and a large wipe a week. In addition, the gunpowder residues should be cleaned up, and the bullets should be taken out when not in use to prevent the spring metal from fatigue.

Maintenance is divided into two parts, one is after shooting, and the other is not used for a long time. Long-term shooting gun barrels may leave oil stains, and gunpowder slag will be left in the gun after bullets are fired. If these things are not cleaned up in time, the longer the gun failure rate will be. The oil will solidify over time and block the barrel. Failure to clean up in time may cause the weapon to explode; and the gunpowder slag may jam the bolt and make the bolt unable to pull.

General cleaning is to use professional firearm maintenance tools. After passing through the barrel, clean the internal parts of the firearm and then apply the gun oil. If you don't use it for a long time, you need to put gun oil on important parts to ensure that the gun will not. A gun that has not been used for a long time must not be suppressed, otherwise it will easily escape. Generally, if it is only a target shooting enthusiast, the thimble will be taken out after each shot to ensure safety.

The cleaning effect is as high as over 85%, which can completely remove rust, residue and carbon deposits; after maintenance, a film will be left on the metal surface, which can prevent rust and carbon deposits and residues from accumulating.