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The characteristics of gun oil.

The main component of gun oil is generally polynitrosilicon, which is generally not harmful to the human body. In fact, gun oil is also ordinary lubricating oil with some minerals that can play a cleaning role, such as CLP maintenance oil. CLP-ME series maintenance oil is based on synthetic oil, and is made by adding a variety of synthetic formulas. It maintains the traditional non-toxic, mild texture, neutral, environmental protection and other functions, and will not harm the health of users;

On the other hand, when the weapon is fired, it can increase the lubricity and reduce the wear of the parts. Its unique sand-removing property reduces the shooting failure rate a lot. Since the practical CLP-4ME has better temperature resistance, drainage and lubrication stability than products made of general mineral oil, and its excellent rust resistance (more than 1200 hours of humidity test), some countries use it for combat readiness. Archive.

The guns are coated with more oil, which is not only inconvenient to use, but also prone to problems. In cold regions, because the temperature is generally low, the viscosity of the oil becomes larger, which will pull the "hidden legs" of the movable parts of the gun, and it will be prone to failure when shooting. If it is in areas with heavy sandstorms, the gun oil will be applied too much, and the gun body will be stained with sand and soil, leading to early wear and tear of moving parts. Although the current gun oil will no longer freeze and freeze like the previous gun oil, you still need to be extra careful when using it, and never let it touch the trigger of the bolt-type gun. A good trigger usually has a very precise manufacturing process, and even a little foreign matter may make it unable to work. 


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